Blog2010 ≫ Another absolute roaster today

Very hot again when I got up at 6.30 this morning and stayed hot until lunchtime. I went to a boot fair and then to the town centre with the boy. Had a lovely time, bit too hot though. On the way back I had to carry him to stop him falling asleep in the buggy, so that got a bit sweaty. Some weird weather started to roll in when I got home, fog, and lots of it. It's still nice and warm, but it's strange to see it suddenly. Something to do with the air higher up being warmer than that down below I think.

Clare has gone off to her cousin's wedding, no kids allowed, so it's just me and the boy this afternoon. Off to Sandgate I think, another walk, another cafe. He's napping right now, but about to wake him up for a milk snack.

I tried to hoover the car out today, actually do something useful in this nap time instead of sit in front of the computer. Carefully lowered the extension lead down from our second floor flat, avoiding swinging it into the neighbours windows, carried the hoover down, but it overheated with only half the car done. Maybe do the other half next year when I have the enthusiasm for such jobs again. This sort of thing will be a lot easier actually when we move into the house, with a drive and a garage. Clare will be out there cleaning the car every weekend.

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