Blog2003 ≫ Folkestone Weekender

Booked into La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, Hythe which I just found via Hythe Live1. I think it's not up to date, as I'm sure the fantastic Kai's has closed now. Also going to Chambers again which I'm really looking forward to - proper beer, pool table and The Darkness on the juke-box, nice. Beer and Totty2 website can't seem to decide what it's like.

Popbitch karaoke3 was a triumph, my Livin On A Prayer blew them all away4... ah yes, the approval of anonymous web types, that's what I aspire to! The Fortress isn't all that, but it's easy to get to and from (243 straight down Stoke Newington High Street / Kingsland Road), and Lovely Lauren Laverne was there, should go out in Old Street more...

💬 Doctor Doctor

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