Blog2009 ≫ Packing the hospital bag now

No particular reason today but should have done this weeks ago...

No specific reason to do this today, except that we should have done it long before now. We're way behind in the being ready for a baby stakes.

Also testing the Babysense monitor1, that arrived yesterday. Hard to test it properly without a baby to put on top of it, it's not registering any of the soft toys I have tried.

Ooh and the cot just arrived too! Maybe we're readier than I thought...

Curry for tea tonight, one I made a week or so ago, not a very good one. Luckily with Clare being home she's made some saag aloo to go with it, and we have samosas, and some microwave vegetable biriani. It's going to be a mighty feast!

For visual entertainment today we have House, and we're catching up on Charlie Brooker2's Dead Set1 which is BRILLIANT, and we might start Red Riding1 too. Kind of a shame it's such a nice day today when we have such a stay-in planned, but it's what we do these days. We are planning some GOING OUT at the weekend though, dinner at Escondido I hope, and one round bro-in-law's too, and this quiz on the monday.

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