Blog2004 ≫ The Flat (slight return)

Bit of unwelcome proactivity from the solicitor at 8:30 this morning, there's a problem with the deed of variation for the flat. While the chairman of the company that owns the freehold agrees that the terms of the lease can be updated to match how things actually are now, some of the directors disagree. And the directors are my neighbours to be, so I'm already in dispute with them before even completing on the place.

So, still heading down to see the solicitor today, but instead of it being a formality, now it's to discuss options. This is going to cost me more, and it's not good. My best hope now is to get some kind of formal approval from the freeholder for the wooden floor that is down, or possibly to get the vendor to agree to a reduction to cover the cost of potententially having to recarpet the flat. If the flat has to be carpeted, I don't want it1, this is not a good situation at all.

On the only positive note I can find, the surprise party for Nic P was a raging success. Obviously this is the first time it's been mentioned here, though it's been planned for months, in case Nic read about it here. If you're checking in mate, sorry we flaked out before heading off to the Borderline. Happy birthday and rest assured there's a fine and distinguished snap of you with your pipe ready to be uploaded when I get back from my legal battles...

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