Blog2006 ≫ A very telling slip up from The Times

From the popbitch forum1, The Times2 made a bit of a freudian in their reporting of "The Publicity Code" court case3. Originally the article said

"Brown, notoriously publicity-shy, travelled from his home in New Hampshire to give publicity on behalf of Random House, spending three days on the stand

thewickedbitch say4 "Evidence surely?"

For the record, both books are published by the same publisher, sales of both have increased during this case, and would you look at that, there's a film due out next month.

Super lie in today, playing on the computer while Clare's doing her exercises, then we're going for a wander down town to see this Masterplan for the future of Folkestone.

Having a few probs with the site today, disk space filled up as a result of changes made during the hosting company5 upgrades, and I can't get in to sort it, also as a result of changes they made, and can't get tech support until Monday, bah.

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