Blog2007 ≫ It's not the show that's on TV, he's just being interviewed

It's on BBC Newsnight or something, but it's on at about quarter to six, so not Newsnight. The trailer was meant to be a load of outtakes from Ricky talking to camera, but it looked lame and unconvincing really.

Not seen this show, so that's a treat for me one day, though (I never go out now so I have to live through my memories of when I did used to go out) I have seen him do standup a couple of times before, he's great.

Seen a few of those "top 100 kids tv shows" type shows just recently, they have all the same old talking heads on them, though these must have been filmed a while ago, and have Ricky Gervais on them, before The Office I think, quite funny, though he seems a bit more like a naughty school boy and not the globe straddling comedy behemoth he is now.

Ooh, I say I never go out these days, but this Friday I'm off to see Frank Skinner, he's coming to Folkestone. my gigography will be updated again at last!

Been to anything recently then?

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