Blog2005 ≫ Folkestone train times

Investigating train times1... hoping to find a way of getting home without having to go to Charing Cross station, ought to be quicker from London Bridge station, but not everything stops there... here are my options for today:

London Bridge 17:26, change at Tonbridge 18:12, Folkestone Central 19:08 Cannon Street 17:44, Ashford 18:58, Folkestone Central 19:19 London Bridge 17:49, change at Tonbridge 18:35, Folkestone Central 19:38 London Bridge 18:10, change at Tonbridge 18:48, Folkestone Central 19:51 London Bridge 18:34, Folkestone Central 20:12 London Bridge 19:08, Folkestone Central 20:46

Not a lot in it really, it's a shame it's only the later trains that go direct from London Bridge station, when I'm on the proper early train I'll either have to meet Clare at Tonbridge station, or head to Charing Cross station... There's always Cannon Street station, but says it'll take 15 mins to half an hour to get there from here... Gotta get me a rocket pack or something.

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