Blog2024 ≫ Febrewery 19/17

On the way back from Hythe we stopped in The Bell, where we sat and plotted out a holiday for this year. It might finally be time for us to go on a cruise. Very early stages of planning though. I had a half of 6x, planned to leave after that, but there was still holiday daydreaming to be done so I had another half.

So my Febrewery list so far:

  1. The Potting Shed1, Hythe.
  2. The Bouverie Tap, Folkestone.
  3. The Radnor Arms, Folkestone.
  4. The Chambers, Folkestone.
  5. The British Lion, Folkestone.
  6. The Ship, Folkestone2.
  7. Blackmarket, Folkestone.
  8. Kipps' Alehouse, Folkestone.
  9. The Samuel Peto 3, Folkestone.
  10. Harvey's, Folkestone.
  11. The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross, London.
  12. The Nailbox, Folkestone.
  13. The Ship, Sandgate.
  14. The Just Reproach1, Deal.
  15. The Sir Norman Wisdom 3, Deal.
  16. The Clarendon, Sandgate.
  17. Docker, Sandgate.
  18. The Hope, Hythe.
  19. The Bell, Hythe.

Chinese takeaway for tea from Nine Dragons. They might have changed a recipe, wasn't quite so good.

Staying in tonight to watch Back To The Future again.

Heavy rain and a fresh breeze, 10 - 13℃.

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