Arrr! Piratey adventure from Folkestone Harbour this weekend

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Arrr! Piratey adventure from Folkestone Harbour this weekend

Me and the wife are going on this!

The Grand Turk set to sail from Folkestone Harbour!

The Grand Turk is probably best-known in Britain for her role in the 'Hornblower' and other films and television series. The ship has been a regular visitor to ports in Kent in the past, but this visit to Folkestone will offer one of very few occasions when people can get frist-hand experience by going out ot sea aboard this replica of am eighteenth century Royal Navy frigate.

A choice of morning or afternoon sailings will be offered on each of three days, Morning sailings will depart at 10:30 and afternoon sailings will depart at 2:30

Ticket prices for a three hour trip from Folkestone Harbour will be 45.00 for adults and 25.00 for children, or 120.00 for a family ticket family (2adults and 2children), and must be booked in advance through the Folkestone Visitor Centre on tel: 01303 258594 or email

UPDATE: Don't email, they can't do anything online. You must collect the tickets from the visitor centre between 10am and 5pm today or Saturday (and I suspect they close for lunch) but they were very helpful to me and dropped them round my house because I couldn't make it, bless!

Looking forward to this a lot.

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