Blog2004 ≫ Another restaurant we can't go back to

Quite a positive and constructive weekend, not as much pubbing as usual. Got a new washing machine delivered, (thankyou very much Dean and Dom for carrying it up the stairs) and done some washing in it. Also got the fireplace sorted, got the quote for the blinds, did some shopping, took out the recycling and started to look at honeymoon destinations too.

Went to Shanel's Brasserie at the weekend, this time with friends, and it let us down badly, we ended up with no food. More when someone else has written a review. Speaking of reviews, saw Goldie Lookin' Chain again, and they were quite good. Sound quality wasn't so good, maybe there were just too many of them onstage this time, more than I've seen at any of their other gigs... maybe I just couldn't hear right, but there seemed to be several new songs in there. Clare was less impressed than I, again. They're more of a band for chaps I think. Good to meet up with friends though. Got the vomit comet down to 'Stoney after the gig

Where the frig were KISS in this sorry affair1... actually hard to argue with this, from a UK perspective particularly. The 70's were quite good.

cough hack sniff still ill by the way.

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