Blog2018 ≫ Day off tomorrow

Kev and the boys are visiting from the USA and arriving tomorrow. I'm not taking the day off just to spend with them, I may not even see them tomorrow, but it's to give Jim the day off. Hopefully will see them in the evening and will have a few days out over the next week. Tomorrow we don't have the car though so not sure about getting about.

I am hoping to take the boys in to Folkestone on the bus and get some lunch there, but they are NEVER keen to go out anywhere, they'd rather stay in the house. Not quite sure what I can do to tempt them, maybe more tacos from Uno Mas. Maybe I'll even eat there this time, though I'm really thinking of a Sister Seitan. That is a bit too adventurous for them though.

Another day off on Monday too, and we might venture further afield that day, maybe to Bedgebury.

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