Blog2006 ≫ Evacuate

Not sure if there was some kind of emergency today at Charing Cross, there was a log jam of commuters trying to get out of one open exit - if it was an emergency evacuation it was a very slow one. The other exit is possibly closed for a refit of a shop there (they're opening a Marks and Spencer, maybe to rehouse the stock from the massive branch they just closed in Folkestone). There were a stack of emergency vehicles outside the station, but there have been every day this week.

How can it only be Kate's flasback episode1 on Lost tonight? Get to the end already, before I forget everything that I wanted to talk to people about!

One for the wife: Sudoku combat2, play against someone else.

One for people who are mean like me: How to save money3, bit American though - can you REALLY write off property depreciation against tax here in the UK??? That's insane, I understand for a business you can for assetts you own, like a car or a photocopier, but a property? One tip I do especially like is "If you have to have something, decide what you are replacing first", though this is kind of ironic as I am currently refusing to throw away old broken computers... I'm sure it's not quite the same though. Somehow. Hmm...

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