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Comedy and wine and police and death

Friday night went to Richard Herring's gig at the Cheesegrater in Folkestone, was good. Quarterhouse doesn't seem to have changed much though I did hear that Bar Vasa had pulled out of the bar / food, all still seems to be functioning normally. Did not seem to be many people there at first but it filled right up before show time. Maybe people were attracted by the new Collings and Herrin show on 6 music. I missed the first one, didn't hear about it until later in the day but will try and get it on iplayer. Nice going out, strange though. Clare's mum sat in for us and The boy was very good. The show was really good, Richard Herring seems to be carrying a bit of holiday weight. I have heard this show in bits in the past, I think I've heard most of it in development during the Collings and Herrin podcasts but good to see the whole thing, and Clare enjoyed it too. The theatre filled up from the back, people expecting a comedian to pick on them, and we were slow going in so got the second row from the front. There's no victimisation though, it's more like a cross between a lecture and a monologue, but funny. Recommended! This was the first date proper of this leg of the tour it seems, see him when he's near you1. He's in Fareham on the 19th of March and Portsmouth on the 27th.

Stopped in Wetherspoons on the way home, a mistake we probably won't make again for a while. I really like some Wetherspoons but not that one, but it was on the way, I can get a beer and its quite cheap. There was a huge police raid! About 20 swarmed in, on a fairly vague sounding licensing raid. We thought this was our cue to get back home again but we weren't allowed to leave until it was all over.

Saturday was swimming again, then shopping, did a tour of all the wine suppliers in the area, Karl's, The Goods Shed, Nicolas, and Waitrose. Spent all my profit share I think. I will get my online wine review database up and running at some point...

Also, someone died. Someone I know but you probably don't. Not a surprise, was expected, and is an end to their suffering and discomfort but still. I don't want to be all emo about it but I also don't want this post to say what a good weekend I had personally without any reference. Funeral Friday.

Sounds like we're on for Suede tickets.

💬 Richard Herring

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