Blog2011 ≫ Good rugby, bad back

6 Nations has been good so far, watched two good games this weekend, great result for England against Italy, very close game for Ireland against France. All eyes now on England v France in two weeks.

Have woken up today with a pain in my back, muscles on one side have tightened up. No idea what's caused it, did not do any lifting or anything yesterday, apart from the obvious lifting of the boy. Actually I did pick up Elliott when we went round to Dom's to watch the rugby yesterday afternoon, just to see if he really was heavier than the boy, but I'd have noticed anything that was likely to make it hurt I'm sure. Not a big deal anyway, not like the "my back has gone" situations I used to have when I was younger.

Nice weekend generally, did not do much or go anywhere. Walked into Folkestone along the sea front and through the coastal park with the boy which was lovely on Saturday afternoon. We were all psyched up to do this no matter what the weather, but it turned out to be really nice.

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