Running two days in a row just so I can test my slack updater...

I hope I did not just see a spoiler for Bodyguard

The David Devant songs on Spotify are different versions

Twenty five years ago today I was at Bottom

Best of luck little pig

Most Extraordinary Homes

New Robot Wars was awesome last night

New series of The Bridge starts tonight

It's never nice when Hampshire is in the news

Will we find time for the Fountain fun day?

Still hella hot

More pub action

More pub action

Cider Fest at The Fountain was great

50'' Sony smart tv for 650 quid

The new Banksy

London midweek weekender part three

More weekend fun

Didn't get that TV

New TV

Great lunch at the Black Horse

Was Gate 28 ever known as Bar 57?

Great weekend, very productive

We went to some new pubs #3 The Black Robin

We went to some new pubs #1 The Black Horse

Another new series of Coach Trip

I could put the 300 we save by not buying Cure tickets towards a new telly!

Clare is OUT again tonight, second night in a row


Forbrydelson was awesome

Went to The Fountain for Jim's birthday

TV show Flog It was from Folkestone today

Has felt like a tiring week

How much everyone hated the finale of Lost

How much everyone hated the finale of Lost

Oops I only recorded the first half of the Lost double episode!

Good luck if you're getting up at 5am to watch Lost

Daily blog stats

Portsmouth victory televised

Following the herds down to Greece

Or am I a butterfly who dreams of being a man?

Wii / XBox / Component / RGB question

Recommend someone to value our Folkestone flat for lettings?

This week's QI

Snow joke getting in today

Lost in ten minutes, courtesy of the RSC

Ricky Gervais presenting the Golden Globes

"normally the bane of our lives"?

Asylum DVD

A Child's Christmasses in Wales

New series of QI

Top night of TV

New series of Peep Show tonight

bah can't even post on my own blog using safari

Madchester Reunited FAIL

You can watch complete episodes of Jonathan Creek on google video

New episodes of Red Dwarf

The A-Team movie

More wifi fun

Lost Initiative podcast is BACK!

Lost: bit rubbish


Large dining table this time

Fan made Thundercats fake movie trailer

Get intimate with Russell Brand

Impressive publicity stunt for the new series of lost

Clarity just confuses me...

If you google for Kaddy Lee-Preston



Series five of House (House MD)

I didn't know they did Blockbusters without Bob Holness

Gate 28 "under offer"?


Did you see Folkestone on TV last night?

See Ricky Gervais directing Karl Pilkington in his new film

Lost Season finale

More Lost

Google / Yahoo MERGER!

Surely that would be ILLEGAL?

Colour of Magic: QUITE GOOD

New not-comedy on BBC4

Could be dreadful

Another break for Lost and a very short season?

Canterbury's Law

Terry Pratchett's Colour Of Magic coming to Sky One

Good weekend, rubbish episode of Lost

Possibly the best Lost episode so far

Hokey science explanation?

Connections between Lost and The Office

That would be SO FUNNY

A friend at work said the same thing

It's quite good isn't it?

Where is Lost?

Beadle: No longer about

Ukelele flashmob

Yes I got it, keep looking on the torrents

Classic Daily HateMail

Buffy / Doctor Who crossover

Not sure where that came from...

A whole load of hits suddenly for Sandgate Hotel / Gordon Ramsay searches...

The Big Food Fight

Give Brucie a Knighthood

happy new year!

Short weekend

Ooh, also watching

Get your official Baywatch floats here

Amy Winehouse (aged 14) in The Fast Show

Programming is a poetry for our time

It's not the show that's on TV, he's just being interviewed

Don't you wish you worked in as fun a place as me?

Buffy, BACK!

Scrap the licence fee

And another; Dexter

Lost / Red Dwarf crossover

"Only" three more series of Lost after this one

Stay out of the Nine Black Alps and into the red

Some shopping

Mac H8erz

Ripper indeed

Blog alerts



I am here

Kaddy Lee-Preston

Hot weekend

Spoiler alert!

Folkestone Gerald update

Weekend report

Flipping Big Television

Browncoats Rise Again. The fund-raising drive to revive Joss Whedon's Firefly.

BTSeasonPass - The web's best source for personalised TV Torrents

The Mighty Boosh ABC's Official 'Lost' podcast

David Schwimmer


Gate 28

It's on there don't fret

They're good old fashioned eating mushrooms

BBC Backstage


Relocation, Relocation

Sky+ vs TIVO

Brand new customers only

Nathan Barley

Grange Hill

Full On Food

Folkestone, safest place in the country


Russell Brand

Goldie Lookin' Chain

Goldie Lookin' Chain

RE: Timothy's Wine Bar - 906

RE: News night - 209

Clarkeology on TV

Clarke Family Tree

Base-ic instinct

All Your Music Videos Are Belong To Us

BASE! How low can you go...

TFI It's All Over

Buzz surrounding more free tickets