Blog2008 ≫ Another break for Lost and a very short season?

This from Dark UFO1 (LOOK OUT though, there be spoilers there!):

Episode 4.09 24th April Episode 4.10 1st May Episode 4.11 8th May Episode 4.12 15th May - Finale Part 1 Episode 4.13 22nd May - Finale Part 2

So no more episodes for six weeks, and then a very very short season, not even the promised 16 episodes? Do you think this means they'll go on to make yet more series, instead of the "six and that's it all wrapped up" that we were also promised? Good episode this week, I won't spoil it for you if you've not seen it yet, but it ducks and dives and tricks us with its flash back / flash forwards again, like they did briefly with "The Other Woman" last week. Very sad episode too.

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