PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Badly Dressed Boy @ Camden Bar Fly

Give that posessed keyboard it's own record deal...

Badly Drawn Boy last night were absolutely ace - that Damon Gough is funny as you like, a natural entertainer, a talented frontman, and the hairy offspring of Peter Kaye and George Dawes.

The set was a fantastic shambles, which is pretty much how I remember it from Glastonbury - is it accident or design? Whatever, it was music as it should be, fun, seemingly effortless.

Much as the robo camera stole the show at the Coldplay gig the day before, the ad-libbing keyboard should get it's own record deal, or at least a solo spot at the next show - it was butting into all the songs with little drum fills and bossa nova rhythms after Damon spilled a drink on it.

Will it work on TV? We will see...

I'm full on into the Monarch again now, it's an ace venue, and they've got some really good stuff coming up, including And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on the 21st, stay tuned for the review...

💬 Coldplay

💬 Badly Drawn Boy

💬 King Adora

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