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Electric Soft Parade did a good show for Journey Shoes at the Barfly1, nice to see a little bit of a Stokey connection too - Matt Priest formerly of Dodgy and now a columnust for N16 Mag was on drums for them.

The band were good, but the Barfly STANK of puke. Bobby Gillespie was there, could be coincidence though. He was DJing at the Queens of Noize night. Seems there was a rumour put round by somebody that the Kings of Leon would be playing a secret gig there, complete bollocks though, and not the first time this sort of things happened... Barfly had to put up a bundle of posters explaining that it wasn't true.

Also saw Craig Kelly out of Queer as Folk there, and started expounding the theory that he might be the new Doctor Who, as the new episodes are possibly being written by the same guy who wrote Queer as Folk, and in that series Craig Kelly's fan was a big Doctor Who fan... it's a bit tenuous I know, but when Alan Davies and Eddie Izzard are both unavailable, we'll see who's offered it.

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