Blog2005 ≫ Tip top weekend

Where did that weekend go then? It felt shorter than a regular two day weekend, though we surely packed more in... I started off with a rare evening out in London with some chums, some drinks on The Tattershall Castle and then on to a regular dry land style pub. No probs getting home, the commute goes a bit easier after several pints, maybe that's what I should do in the mornings. Tried to watch an episode of The West Wing when I got in, but started and then watched the whole disk. It's VERY GOOD, glad there is a lot for us to look forward to.

Saturday we had what was feeling like a long awaited for lie in, then did a bit of shopping and a bit of a wonder around in the sunshine. Found some very tame squirrels in St Eanswythe's graveyard and we will be back to feed them again. When they're in your roof joists they're vermin, but when they're taking bits of biscuit from you half a mile away from your house, then that's officially cute. Did housework, ate tea, LOVED Doctor Who and then to Chambers for a few beers.

Sunday Mum and Dad came to visit, mostly to help us with some DIY. After we had a swanky hole-in-the-wall type fireplace installed, we were left with a missing bit of skirting board, and the flat's quite old so we had trouble tracking down some to fit. Dad managed it, and brought it along this weekend to fit it. Instead though, we sat in Clare's Mum and Dad's garden drinking gin and tonics, talking wedding plans, and psyching ourselves up for the quiz that evening. Tea in Kalala, which everyone enjoyed, and then a full night of boozy quizzing. We did not win.

MONDAY we actually got the DIY done, Dad did mostly and I kind of watched. The front room is looking pretty smart now. If my camera wasn't a bit knackered I would post pictures up here. Hopefully I just have to format the memory card again but we'll see.

DANG, I do enjoy my hummus and tomato wraps that I made for lunch today but they tend to DRIP, I done got hummus on my shirt now.

Is it time for us to watch more West Wing yet?

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