Blog2009 ≫ Anyone need anything washing up?

My kitchen radio rocks

Loving my new radio1, tempted to move the table back into the kitchen so we can eat out there too. I know we could get all the radio stations through the TV, but there's something cool about having a new source of content in a place we did not have before. Clare only liked me listening to Collings and Herrin podcasts2 on the old ipod dock for so long. Now the problem is that we can't listen to everything at the same time. Radio 4, 6, and 7 all good, but I particularly like Planet Rock3 at the moment. I'm sure they have a limited playlist and it will get boring soon, but not yet. What are you going to play for us today Alice4? Oh, another Alice Cooper record, what a good idea! Maybe this doesn't actually happen that often, but it did today, on my first day of listening.

Best of luck to chum Darryl5 now he's standing as a councillor6.

I'm going back to the kitchen now. Hope these fireworks don't wake my boy up

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