Blog2005 ≫ Christopher Ecclestone quits?

So, the Sun says1 that Christopher Eccleston has quit Doctor Who, maybe this means he's only going to do the series he's already filmed. WHO will be the next WHO then? I've said it before and I'll say it again, it should be Alan Davies. Gossip suggests it would be David Tennant from Casanova though.

I am reminded of something by an email today - no I'm not on a Doctor Who mailing list or anything and I don't want to get too spacky about this, but a mate says "people seem to forget they could fly the last time they turned up though". That is THE DALEKS of course and I mention this as this (Remembrance of the Daleks2) is a really good episode on DVD. OK this will be nerdy, my fave bit are the production note subtitles - while you're watching the story you can have "The Chart Show" style facts about how and where it was filmed on screen. Anyway, it's a really well put together disk, you should get it2.

Oh BBC confirms Christopher Eccleston is quitting, and they have a video news story too. Kosso is that your multimedia console..?

UPDATE: Rich Johnston says:

Christopher Eccleston was never intended to go past the first series. Russell T Davies wants to do a regeneration thing as soon as possible, sees it as integral to the series. David Tennant is confirmed to appear in the Christmas Special. However, the BBC may do a bait and switch. Bill Nighy and Chiwetel Ejoifor are both up for the lead, appearing at the end of the Christmas Special, and then into the second series.

The Eccleston leaving news and Tennant speculation has been deliberately revealed now as a spoiler to the Tony-Blair-on-Ant-And-Dec news...

All that's from popbitch3...

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