Blog2010 ≫ Went swimming

Had a good busy week too.

Went to Tides1 today in Deal, "freeform leiisure pool" with slides and jacuzzi and wave machine and so on. Have been meaning to take the boy swimming again for ages, this was ideal. He loved it, so did we.

Went out last night to the Everest with some friends, all of the dads from the NCT classes we went to, this was also ace. Also went to Escondido this week, I am quite the gadabout. That was a freebie for shareholders of Holiday Extras, food and drinks and comedy, great, I got quite drunk.

On the subject of shares, it's finally popex pay day, I have got around to writing to the share registrar to get my money for my MAMA Group shares. They were bought out by HMV Group so my shares were compulsarily purchased - I got the shares in the first place in exchange for popex, which Channelfly bought. Channelfly then became MAMA Group. I thought at first I'd just be sent my money, because I didn't read the paperwork properly, and have been dawdling over applying for the money because I'm lazy. Finally found out who to apply to and what to do, have confirmed with them over the e-mail and sent the letter and share certificate off today. It's not going to be a big payout, despite the impressive looking numbers on the certificate, but should still be a couple of grand.

I had another win on the premium bonds last week too, that's another 25 quid paid off the mortgage, when I get round to banking it.

A night in tonight, with curry and TV.

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