Blog2012 ≫ Raspberry Pi

An announcement due1 6am Wednesday, so these $25 computers should be available any minute now.

UPDATE: First 10000 sold out in 10 minutes, so now you have to register your interest with one of the two licensed distributors. Good they're selling the basic model for $25 and a model enhanced with ethernet and usb for $35 - would not be a lot of use to a bumbling amateur like me without these, but equally it's great that they're doing a cut down version as cheap as possible.

Looking forward to seeing what people do with them. Friend Matt2 is going to start easy, just duct taping it to the back of a flat screen tv for instant HD media centre.

UPDATE UPDATE: do not use duct tape, I learned this to my cost. It has a thin layer of aluminium running through it, if you tape over the spikey solder points on a raspberry pi or similar technology, it can make it short out and stop working.

raspberry pi: Credit card sized super cheap computer, awesome.

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