Blog2004 ≫ Monster House

Watched Monster House yesterday, and it's rubbish. I quite enjoyed Monster Garage when I saw it, they took a Porsche and turned it into a mobile golf ball gathering cannon, so I was looking forward to seeing the same techniques applied to a house. But NO, no laser cannons or indoor deathslides or anything, they installed a koi pond instead. Just a flashy version of changing rooms then.

Yesterday's javascript issues worked out OK, just changed onClick() for onChange(). In Mozilla the contents of the form seem to be checked before the event, and in some other browser it was afterwards, so they were being ignored.

Done some work to generate some income for popex out of all the Keira Knightly traffic that's coming this way, people following old links will now be shown an extra frame with an ad in it, that will hopefully increase popex page impressions and income.

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

💬 where's my cut?!!!

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