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Are you having a laugh? Some other good suggestions in there though, cheers... Also, because it might amuse you:

I take by the fact I have no Million discs left you no longer want me as a player. Just say so and I will delete my account, as you have messed around with me for no reason too many times. Accusing me of trying to rig shares believing other players accusations that I somehow cheated my way to over 30 million. The reason I have that much is I found out pretty early that playing for profit over divis was the best policy. Accusing me of trying to manipulate Elton John was the last straw, I bought the cheapest rising share with longest prospects. The fact that my girlfriend and her daughter bought the same time at my advice was not cheating. You have messed this game around so much that the only way to make a profit is to buy cheap shares. The cheaper they are means they have a better chance of being bought in high numbers leading to faster rises. I also know how to beat tax and that is why I always seem to be at top of charts, that is not cheating just a flaw in your game. I asked you when I first started to play popex that having 3 people play from the same computer was not allowed and you said there wasn't a problem. Now appartently there seems to be. My girlfriend Hippychick5 has already deleted her account and no longer wants to play. Her daughter does not know but will probably do the same. So now I 'm the only one left unless you no longer want me either. I await your reply. (dinger, Sat 4 Mar 0:53)

I've never ever told you that me and my son had an account because I don't have a son. You must be mixing me up with someone else. But with your attitude I WILL remove my account and email the 17 other friends I introduced to popex to do the same. Seems you don't like anyone that does well at this game and and is not in your little clique. There are at least 5 players I know of with multiple accounts doing as you claim I'm doing but it seems because I make more than them I'm the one that gets the blame. I know who most of them are but it's not for me to tell you because I dont care if they do it. If my gongs are not returned by the end of the week I will take that you're adamant the I am a cheat and my account will be deleted by the end of the week. So if you're labelling me as a cheat frankly your game is no longer worth playing, also you will see once I not longer play the cheating will still continue to prove my point. (dinger, Mon 6 Mar 11:01)

By the way This vendetta against me was started by EMOTICON who I upset on the tips board one day and has never liked me since, he then told his clique to continue this. HE IS ONE OF YOUR CHEATS, he has multiple accounts. (dinger, Mon 6 Mar 11:04)

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