PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Oh Yeah, they took the LA2 over...

Hmm, I've used this pun for Ash before innit?

Ash, just how much do they ROCK? Just got back (well sort of) from Ash's secret-ish gig at the Mean Fiddler (formerly the LA2), that was broadcast live on Japanese TV...

Midday on a Saturday, not a very rock and roll time to be doing anything, but sometimes you have to pay the price... and it was well worth paying.

They started with "Lose Control" from 1977, and did basically a rattle through of most of their singles, with a few new tracks subtly scattered. This is the way to put on a gig introducing new material - there was no time to get bored. Even if you didn't like any of the new songs (and they were all good), there was another old favourite along in a few minutes.

Bad stuff: None. Apart from being stuck behind the obligatory snogging couple (and snogging girl was wearing an SCHOOL UNIFORM, what's going on there?). And also if "being drunk by lunchtime" is a bad thing, then COLOUR ME BAD BABY!

They didn't play my fave "Jack Names The Planets", at least not before I left, but they were still going after the cameras were turned off, and for all I know they might be playing still.

Next stop: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Drunken Bastards. In about an hour.

💬 Ash

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