Blog2011 ≫ Now I want another new telly

Maybe this one1, I have started saving already... we got our other telly when we got married, which is about a million billion years ago now. I have not used all the features but decided that I REALLY REALLY REALLY need them all on the main telly. So 850 does not sound too bad, and by the time I've saved up that much money the price will have come down a lot anyway. The media centre bit of it is my favourite so far, to be able to play music and video from NAS or the computer wirelessly and effortlessly is a winner.

This will be a much slower purchase decision than the last one though, as our main telly is still very good, this would be an even more frivolous decision so I'm likely to take months over it, at least.

Profit share bonus in two weeks though.

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