Blog2011 ≫ Limited time for the blog

No time to write anything this wee, at least this means the week is going quickly. Would normally be going to the quiz at the Britannia tonight but one of the team is sick so we're giving it a miss.

Bedroom TV is still working out alright, has not fallen down from the wall yet at any rate.

The boy's wound on his forehead has gone right down too, maybe it won't even scar. Clare is out christmas shopping for him today while I am working hard. I've managed to buy a couple of christmas presents already so am feeling on top of things. I need to choose a present for myself, am wondering about more home brew things, a big old bucket1 for making cider in, and a pressure barrel for storing it sounds like a plan. Both available from Wilkinsons I think!

Lunch over, back to work.

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