Blog2005 ≫ 23 6 801

Lots of spoilers and things at this doctor who australia page1, but some interesting stuff too about the significance of certain numbers in the new Doctor Who:

these numbers crop up in other places such as bus stop signs, so it is the numbers that are significant in some way (studio phone number?) If someone can find out what they mean we'll credit you here2. Full number list: 23 6 801 141 180 266 98 16a 111. (To get you started - 236801141 is a prime number, 801.23.06.141 is a suspiciously blank IP address, 0236 is a telephone prefix for Galati, 0236801 is a colour used on many BBC message boards... and 023 **** 6801 is part of a classic wedding cars phone number in... Southampton...aha!)

Ah, poor Southampton... Would that be 01703 anyway? Or did it change when Portsmouth did? This blog3 however has a bit more in depth investigation, there's a rumour going round that it refers to series 23, episode 64, 801 seconds in, which is a reference to the Doctor's body being TAKEN OVER Speaking of crazy symbological paranoia like this though, I am reading The Davinci Code4 at last. I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail4 a long time back so I know what to expect, and don't believe any of it, but it's a well written thriller anyway.

💬 801.23.06.141

💬 23 6 801

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