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Saw "Some Girls" last night, starring David Schwimmer, Catherine Tate, Sara Powell, Saffron Burrows, Lesley Manville I think... Ultimately a bit disappointing, because we'd built it up a bit.

Since starting commuting we've not really done going out in the week, but we splashed out on this, and combined it with a few drinks, and dinner at Mildred's, as it's in the same part of town. Drinks were GOOD, in some pub that I forget, but then dinner wasn't all that. I had the special burger of the day, and it was like burgers that I have made before, quite nice, but a bit too squishy in the middle. It was with apple and celery and something, so I expected a bit more of a bite. ALSO, the chips were too greasy. Mildred's is great for veges as it's all about taste and good sized portions, more than brown rice and water flavoured soup like some menus, but this seemed a bit fatty for me. Just an off day I'm sure and I wouldn't hesitate to go back there. Clare's stir fry was aces. Puds were OK, but I'm not a pudding type.

The play was only alright too, just the five characters on the stage, and a lot of Noo Yawk conversation going on. Ross, sorry, David's character "the Man" is getting married and he goes off to talk to his four most important previous relationship breakups. It's a lot like High Fidelity but without all the music that makes High Fidelity easy to realte to. The dialogue I found a bit annoying it was all "so what are you saying?" "what am i saying?" "that's what I said" "i can't believe you're saying that", infuriating at times, cut some of it out! Maybe that's just because I was thinking of the time, and wether or not we'd make the 10pm train. We did, it was a proper vomit comet, home not much before midnight, a bit tired today.

If you're tempted by the play (I'm sure you'll love it, if you're less of a philistine than I) you can get some cheap tickets here1...

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