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Aren't vanity projects GREAT? Went to see Ghost of the Robot last night, man alive were they not good. Odd thing is the rest of the band looked quite a bit younger than James Marsters the singer. I really wanted to like them, I think the problem is that chip in his head - it would hurt him if he hit a human being, it must be painful for him if he hit a note too1?

Had food and beer and champagne in The Angelic before the show, and then to The York for last orders. Oddly enough the friends who'd come up from Fareham for the gig bumped into someone they knew in there, kind of wishing they'd been able to bump into someone famous instead... the rest of the band came out into the Islington Academy bar after the show, but not our Spikey...

Not feeling at my brightest this morning, it could be a slow day.

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