Strange show from Reginald D Hunter last night

FG ≫ 2015 ≫ Strange show from Reginald D Hunter last night

So we went OUT! We never go out! On a Sunday night too, to see Reginald D Hunter doing a cheeky warmup of his new show "The Man Who Knew As Much As Such". A nice intimate show from a big TV name. Up close and personal, not even a stage, just him with a table next to him and a mic stand in front, then us. Well four rows of other seats and then "us" as in Clare and myself, but I meant "us" as in the audience.

His first set definitely felt a bit shaky and under prepared, but that's the point of a warm up like this. A couple of the stories I'm not sure if they went where he intended or if he got all of the funny bits in that he meant. He admitted as such though, and even apologised when he came back on after an interval. Second set was more confident and funnier. He's very likeable too, so it made a great evening. I wasn't too comfortable with the audience participation, I wouldn't say sit at the front for this one.

We will go and see him in Edinburgh, even if it's the same show, though I don't think it is. I've only seen him on panel shows before (possibly saw him a long time ago at Lanterns / Lone Star Comedy but I can't be sure) so don't know how much of the set was planned and how much spontaneous but we look forward to finding out.

Not sure where the crowd came from, an older crowd than most events I've been to. A bit more like the book festival comedy things we went to. He did ask who was there purely because of his recent BBC show, but there weren't many. Were you there? Who are you?

We enjoyed this one, a great venue too that we should make more of. But, as I say, we never go out.

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