Blog2008 ≫ The Big Food Fight

Quite looking forward to these TV shows1, sure to be quite upsetting in parts, I wonder what food it will have on sales, in the short term and the longer term.

This January, Channel 42 will be showing a groundbreaking season of programmes that will change the way you think about food

* What's it all about?

Hugh's Chicken Run - 7, 8 & 9 Jan, 9pm The Truth About Food - 10 Jan, 9pm Jamie's Fowl Dinners - 11 Jan, 9pm Fast Food Junkies go Native - 15 Jan, 9pm Jamie's Eat To Save Your Life - 16 Jan, 10pm It's Not My Fault I'm Fat - 17 Jan, 9pm Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live - 18 Jan, 9pm

Not sure it will change the way I think about food but we'll see.

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