Everyone, ever, in the world

Everyone, ever, in the world

Got in to the Lord of the Rings Premiere by mistake, and everyone in the world of showbiz was there - all the cast of the film apart from Cate Blanchett I think (So Christopher Lee, Ian Holm, Ian McKellan, Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Sean Bean, stacks more).

Lots of minor TV stars, and also quite major ones that I can't remember, but I gurned behind Richard and Judy on the way in (did you tape it Mum?), nearly made a smart remark about hidden cameras to Graham Norton in the toilets, and sat in the same row as Frank Skinner and Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross). Also spotted Mick Hucknall, Bob Geldof, Paul Young, Ruby Wax and Amanda Holden.

And Destiny's Child were there too.

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Tue Dec 11 2001

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