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Newport hiphop chancers Goldie Lookin Chain had to scrap a live TV appearance because of the Madrid terrorist attacks last night1.

The Kappa rappers were to have performed the song "Self Suicide" live on S4C, last night...

But producers at the programme, "I Dot", canned the take, deciding that the song's lyrical content might offend viewers in light of the atrocities in [Spain.

The song is a satirical take on the theme of suicide, and suggests: "I heard in a song that suicide is painless - and it's 80 per cent sure to make you famous".

Rapper Billy Webb said: "In a way I'm glad, because it's got loads of swear words and I was worried I might have accidentally sung some rude words on live telly during my bit.

"The song's about popping your clogs for the fame - like Elvis or that bloke from INXS - and the TV people thought it might not have gone down too well yesterday, of all days.

"Fair enough. And anyway, we got to do our song about Eggsy turning into a robot instead. _[Half Man, Half Machine]_So that was safe."

Later the same night, the Chain once again lit up the switchboards at Radio One after a torrent of swear words during a "One World" midnight special...

The Chain are currently preparing for an extensive UK tour in April, following successful support shows with The Darkness, The Streets and Super Furry Animals. Their debut single, "Half Man, Half Machine", is released by Must Destroy records on April 19.

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