Blog2012 ≫ I can't believe my Nan has a better telly than me

Weekend roundup... also where can I watch the rugby in Hythe this Saturday?

Shocked to hear that my Nan now has basically the telly that we want, a massive LED smart TV. And she doesn't even have internet. Not yet anyway. As far as I know. She's probably on the facebook as I type this.

We had a good weekend, the weather was good, so we went for a walk on Sunday morning. This got my step count up over 10,000, my best for any single day so far.

I did not even drink much at the weekend. As I had a couple of trips to the pub in the week with chums Nic and Ben, I don't think I had a drink Friday night after I got back from the qcon conference, and then Saturday night I had one pint and was falling asleep. Sunday I thought I'd finally get in to it, we even bought a bottle of wine, but somehow did not get around to opening it. Poor show, I will try and make up for it this week.

After the fabulous performance of the England rugby team this weekend, we are fired up for watching the next game on Saturday, and coincidentally it fits in to a night out. So, looking for a pub that will be showing the game in Hythe that has a big screen to show the game, any ideas? If only three was a website I could find this sort of thing out... Looks like The Globe is the best option at the moment, a shame, it's not the best pub around there. Will keep looking.

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