PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Don't shoot until you see the whites of their BLOODY EYES!

Get tickets for Athlete, Goldfrapp and Amen AT ZULU... you already missed out on Electric Six though...

Oh, that was Zulu, and this is ULU, more specifically their gig newsletter they send me...

We've just had confirmation that Deptfords finest, xfm favorites and indie darlings will be gracing us with their presence on the 28th March

Sjm Concerts presents ATHLETE

Doors 7.30pm More info available on www.athlete.uk.com Tickets available from popEx or ULU reception

We have also found a small stash of tickets for the lovely Tickets available from GOLDFRAPP. They are available to personal callers only at ULU reception as of Wednesday 20th January. The show on 6th March is otherwise completely sold out so get yourselves down here to guarantee seeing the return of the chilled out sounds of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory.

Again more info on www.goldfrapp.co.uk

Still on sale is Tickets available from AMEN, whilst unfortunatly Tickets available from Electric Six Has sold out.

On the smaller side of things we have another CLUB 101 event on Thursday 6th Febuary featuring the sound of


2002 was a big year for Not Katies, after releasing their debut 'At Every Turn' to critical acclaim & touring with the likes of Strung Out & Good Charlotte they're proving to be a big crowd pleaser. Also the band have had a top 10 hit on new punk TV channel P-Rock, the video is still on so call 09013 247 666 and select number 338 to vote for '2 Halves Of 2'.


This pounding punk quartet have been toiling the pubs & clubs for the past year with an infectious blend of Good Riddance, Pennywise & Bigwig tinged thrashing punk


for more information and to submit demos contact n.baker@ulu.lon.ac.uk

2003 also sees the return of DEBASER our free rock / ska punk and indie night on Friday 24th January and Friday 7th Febuary


ULU Ents

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