Blog2005 ≫ Tres productive weekend

Finished the wardrobe at last1, doors on, shelves in, etc. The room's looking a bit bare now without clothes hung randomly about the place, I'm sure we'll soon sort that out.

Saturday shopped in Canterbury2, and went out in Sandgate on Saturday night, for a change. A nice crawl of The Providence, Gate 28, The Ship, and the little fish and chip shop.

Sunday finally got some use out of my IPAQ, I converted some new episodes of LOST. So now I can watch them on the train! Picture and sound quality are great, and it's even widescreen (with the little computer turned sideways). Too tired to watch them this morning, but SOON, oh yes. Need to get my DVD burner out of the old broken computer so we can watch these on the TV too...

Man it's cold today, I wish it was still the weekend.

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