Blog2011 ≫ Lovely weekend

Doing lots of DIY, while mum and dad have been visiting...

Mum and Dad have been here for the weekend, Mum has just made a big roast dinner for the boy and me and Dad has been helping with the DIY. He's on his fourth run to the DIY store at the moment. First time we got the regular supplies we needed, then we had trouble screwing the sockets in to the dry liner, so went back for longer screws. Then I broke the dry liner (do you remember I had a lot of grief with these before?), then we got the wrong size for the bathroom socket. Nearly there now.

The new video sender worked just fine first time, so I have the sky plus blasted up to the bedroom with no drilling or cabling. It's not an HD signal but it's good enough, a good compromise for not having to run any cables. What we're doing now is moving the power socket so it is up behind the TV on the wall so there are no trailing leads anywhere. It's worked out about right, the problems we've had have been putting the old power sockets back in.

Had a lovely weekend anyway I wish Mum and Dad could stay all week. The boy's had a good time, though he's been off his food a bit, just missing his mummy I think.

Waiting now for Clare to skype me from the US of A...

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