Rock Roundup

Rock Roundup

Thanks very much for this week's goodies, which I nearly didn't spot included a copy of the new Jane's Addiction album "The Strays"... sounds very much like something else, and it's only after several listens that it's JANE'S ADDICTION they sound like, it's just been a wile... They're on form, they're on fire, this is a marvellous slice of american rock... anyway, get it here, it's ace.

Also thanks for [The Ga Ga's]The Ga Ga's]('s%5DThe%20Ga%20Ga's&tag=clarkeology-21) for "Breaking America" out on the 11th of August. They're on tour now and through July, check out the Ga Ga's tour page which should have details... providing I can earn a bob or two by selling tickets that is! I know they're playing Barfly's around the country, but their London date's just been moved to a bigger venue - see, it must be on there somewhere...

Bowling for Soup follow up "Girl all the bad guys want" with a newy "Punk Rock 101", look out for it on Kerrang TV, see for more details... The band will be over here for Reading / Leeds festival, and the Kerrang awards, maybe when they're over they'll answer some questions for us? If you have a question for Bowling for Soup how about you post it as a reply to this message and if I can I'll pass them on...

Also thanks to Ten Speed Racerfor "Fifteen", no idea what it sounds like, but it's got a nudey lady on it. Oh and thanks to the person I don't dare mention for the naked pictures of the celebrity I don't dare name, ooh!!!

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Thu Jul 24 2003

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