Blog2008 ≫ 50% off at Zizzi's

Worth a thought, we're off to Canterbury this weekend, though BAH not valid on Saturdays. From money saving expert1:

What’s the deal?

The Telegraph is offering readers 50% off main courses at Zizzi Italian restaurants, when you buy a copy of the paper from this Sunday till next Friday.

How to grab the offer

Vouchers will be printed in the Telegraph everyday from Sat 26 January until Fri 1 February. (The press office has confirmed that these are the correct dates, but the wording on its T&Cs is a bit confusing). Simply grab one and take it along to your nearest Zizzi for 50% off main courses.

There must be at least two people dining (maximum is six). The offer is valid Sundays to Thursdays, excluding Valentines Day, and closes 24 February. Read the full T&Cs.

Thanks to mcallister1 in the daily newspaper thread who originally spotted the deal.

I typed "monkey saving expert" at first, maybe that is a website2... I should check out more often, though the guy who runs it really annoyed me when he was on the TV all the time having invented a new way for 90% of people to pay [em]more[/em] council tax.

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