Blog2007 ≫ Buffy, BACK!

ROCK \m/

OK not actually Buffy, but the long rumoured Ripper spinoff, hope this will be good... This on popbitch forum1 today:

Antony Stewart Head stars as Rupert Giles in "Ripper", by Joss Whedon, filming next summer for the BBC. richjohnston Tue 28 Aug 13:54

Definitely filming? On the development/nerd grapevine, "Ripper" has been at every stage from 'in talks' to 'imminently filming' at numerous points over the last five or so years. But if it's finally going ahead, allow me to squeal with excitement. john_stuart_mill Tue 28 Aug 14:16 Squeal, piggy, squeal... least if you consider this to be authoritative confirmation2 nimphidia Tue 28 Aug 15:27

Hmm, SyFy3 is quoting a comment made by Anthony Head at a convention:

"It's more likely than it has been for some time," Head told SyFy Portal's Alan Stanley Blair during the recent Collectormania convention in Glasgow, Scotland. "Joss [Whedon], I think I've actually got to talk to him to find out if he's got it. It's all about Fox now, whether Fox will give permission but the BBC is up for it."

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