Blog2005 ≫ BBC Backstage

Backstage access to BBC news etc... for developers, to make something funky out of BBC content. What should I do? Oh, not actually a lot there from the beeb yet except links to all their RSS feeds, and some user contributed ideas for BBC Hacks. Some actualy projects from third parties are there too, just proxies that replace BBC content with links etc though...

Hmm, played precisely NO games of pool yesterday, had to go to the snooker club to get a refund on the Jimmy White tickets. The posters up now say that Jimmy recommended his friend the new BBC commentator Ken Doherty as his replacement, and that Ken does comedy along with his snooker... he's the new John Virgo! I would be half tempted to go still, but it's not up to me, I won't be there as I am off at the rugby. Anyway got back from there and then there was too much good TV on, we will have to rearrange the flat so we can play pool and watch TV at the same time.

Fine commute in today, not tiring, but chaos on the Northern Line... Tonight will be a late night as we're off to the theatre, with a cheeky dinner in Mildred's before.

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