Blog2010 ≫ Have you ever been to a Harvester before?

We went to Harvester in Port Solent on Sunday, to take my Nan out for a quick lunch, keep her out of the way while the house was prepared for her tea party in the afternoon. Not sure I have been to a Harvester before, but it was great. Lots of choice for everyone, and a free salad bar with enough to keep me going. I would go back again.

In the old TV ads a hostess type used to greet Harvester customers with "Have you ever been to a Harvester before?", this did not happen to us. Food was fine, lots of mistakes but they fixed them all up by just giving more food and more drinks for free. Seeing as Harvester is so cheap as to be almost free anyway, we ate a stuff load very cheaply. Mum and Dad went back the next day, same thing happened to them too. So if you go along, don't be shy of pointing out where they've gone wrong!

The boy walked again this morning, just a few steps, but on his own without being bribed into ti. Good boy!

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