Blog2010 ≫ BBC to shut down 6Music :-(

Read it in the Times #save6music #savebbc6music

Read all about it1, what a shame. Bit of a bumbling incoherent post this one, I'm not happy, but I don't have time for eloquence or accuracy.

Shut down Radio 1 and Radio 2 if you want to save some money! They are competing directly with ALL of the other commerical broadcasters! I really like 6 Music. I understand it may not have that many listeners, but there must be enough.

I'm not entirely convinced by the switch over to DAB but I do like the content of 6Music, and listening on the new kitchen radio is more convenient than tuning in via internet or the TV (though now I have the radio I do make the effort more to tune the TV into 6 music when I'm in the lounge).

I can't see me protesting outside the offices like we did when they killed the original XFM.

I'm well into the idea of BBC Worldwide moving overseas, does not seem right to be allowed to advertise BBC product like Top Gear magazine on TV that we are funding. I'm also in favour of BBC3 being shut down, and would love to see Radio 1 go too.

I thought it was a bit suss that 6music had run a bit wild giving @Collingsa and @Herring1967 their own show.

Complain to the BBC - please only use this complaint form if you listen to and love BBC 6Music and would be sad to see it go. Let's not get all daily mail about this with more complaints than actual listeners...

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