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London yesterday for my birthday treat

Went for my birthday treat yesterday, Stewart Lee at the Leicester Square Theatre. My birthday was back in July, this is one of the things Clare got me. He kind of did three twenty five minute sets of material that he is honing for a new TV show. One set is a "sustained personal attack" on Adrian Chiles though, so according to quirky new BBC guidelines is unlikely to make it on to the TV. It's political correctness gone mad. I was surprised to see him play the guitar and do comedy songs too, kind of. It was very very funny, very clever, he is ace. He hung around in the lobby after the show, so I got his book1 signed. Sadly I'd taken it with me, just on the off chance we would see him, not loitering around by the stage door or anything. But we didn't need to.. He was a particularly nice chap, that grumpy on stage persona is all an act, well I never.

Some minor foul-up with the tickets meant we nearly didn't get in to the show at all. Clare had booked them so long ago that supposedly the theatre had changed their computer system since then, and had not transferred over all the old bookings, so our seats had been resold. Some hanging around while everyone else piled in to the theatre, and we became gloomy, as our ticket printout said "unreserved seats", so we thought we'd have the last pick of the seats. Luckily they had some "producer's seats" left, tickets that I guess they reserve for guests or something, they were reserved seats, third row, in the middle, so it all worked out.

We also went for coffee, and to a pub, briefly to John Lewis, and for a smashing dinner at Soho Thai. The comedy show was a matinee, so we had time to do all this without needing to stay too late, we were on the ten past nine train back so home in reasonable enough time to watch some TV and have a glass of vino collapso when we got in.

Going to lunch today at the in-laws, where The boy has spent the night. I hope he remembers us. We did not bring him back a present from London...

Happy Halloween - these are Andy's pumpkins, that I stole off Flickr. If I am lucky enough to get a Dremel for Christmas, I will do something like this next year. Possibly.

All Lined Up by itchypaws, on Flickr.

💬 Stewart Lee - Vegetable Stew

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