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Well sort of. Some of the content from Kosso's is also available in MP4 format, which is kind of handy for ipod video. So I'm hoping this feed will populate my ipod with the fascinating conversations these guys are having. Only some of the content mind, not all of it, so these threaded video conversations might not be all that threaded. I have a horrible fear they might not be that interesting either. Why is so much (free) web content just so bad? I guess you get what you pay for.

I have found some that I like, that is free, here follows a summary. These are all audio only, I guess audio podcasting is a bit more established:

Collings and Herrin1 - Richard Herring and Andrew Collins. Only listened to a couple of these so far, but it's a recreation of a radio segment they used to do, but recorded on a laptop, on one of their kitchens, as neither of them has a radio show any more. UPDATE: listened to A LOT of these now, and it's the best by far, they're great.

Cobra Beercast2 Dom Joly and Danny Wallace plus guests who have included Iain Lee and McKenzie Crook. Brilliant, hard to see how they can maintain it. Ooh, there's another one today.

Shindiggery3 - [abe]Iain Lee[/abe], bit weird. - their podcasts are nearly all great. I listen to their daily podcast every day, and the tech and music ones each week, but the occasional arts one is rubbish. The Guardian of course hosted the Ricky Gervais4 podcast, which really helped this whole thing take off.

Stephen Fry's podgram5 - I really like him, but it's self indulgent and whiny (like... oh) but also seems like it's fizzling out already. The first one started out in proper emo blog style, but the last one was him reading a speech he'd been paid to make by the BBC, hmm.

Some not so good one's that I've seen recently include geekbrief.tv6 and diggnation7, they are both really light on content, geekbrief especially is based mostly around press releases it seems (from the few brief listens I've had). This is free content though, if I was trying to do regular news I'm sure I would resort to the same things. I will give these another chance, you'll be glad to hear. geekbrief.tv6 is produced (or executive produced) by Adam Curry, who you may remember mentioned here in the early days of podcasting. He was calling himself the Podfather before Ricky Gervais picked it up.

Um, I'm running out now, I will have to revisit this list.

Had a bit of a hitch with the ipod, computer crashed while syncing and I lost my whole library. Not the mp3's, they're all safe, but all the meta data about playlists and content I'd subscribed to is gone. My playlists were brilliant! It's a proper shame. I will be rebuilding this for most of the weekend, no time for any of the housework I had planned.

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