Blog2008 ≫ Who is Russell Brand?

Lordy, could Russell Brand have done anything better to raise his profile than that phone call to Andrew Sachs? Mostly it's probably the Hate Mail on Sunday that's to blame. When the original Russell Brand show went out, no-one was listening. It's on in the graveyard slot at the weekend, when no-one is listening to the radio, and at the time TWO people complained. Since the Hate Mail ran the story a week later, 18,000 more people have complained, and there's no way they all heard the show. They could have tuned in later via the website (down now), but probably just complained on spec.

I think Jonathan Ross is going to come out of this OK too, he's hardly going to be hard up as a result of being suspended anyway. The BBC is not looking too clever though.

This is Andrew Sachs granddaughter, Looks like Russell Brand never stood a chance. (there's a fake bebo page too).

Andrew Sachs seemed a nice guy when he was on Countdown recently.

Some pictures of Voluptua1 (Sachs' granddaughter's porn name), and video on the way, courtesy of popbitch.

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