Blog2010 ≫ A quiet night from the boy

He has been confused by the clocks going back I think, he's been awake at 4 or 5 for the last few mornings, but last night he slept thorugh peacefully. Good boy! He's well into walking now, and chattering quite a bit too, it will soon stop being a novelty when he learns a new word. He would be due a certificate tomorrow at Gym babes as he's started walking at last, but unfortunately he's going to miss tomorrow's session because of a combination of Clare taking her Dad to the garage for a service (OK, his car) and mother-in-law waiting in our house for Sky to turn up. Looking forward to this. I am disappointed that we had to cave in and go with Sky, when we could really make do with freeview, but unfortunately we can't get good enough digital reception in our area. We could have gone for freesat but I did try this before and was disappointed with the picture quality. Moving from BT to Sky for broadband means that our new Sky HD+ service is just about paid for, total monthly outgoings will be similar and we will have finally have HD channels for our five year old HD TV, plus the Sky Plus advantages... If I can ever get moved from BT.

Having real hassle with BT, I hate dealing with telephone support at the best of times but BT have made it quite unpleasant. Each time I've phoned up to get my broadband moved to Sky I've had to face high pressure sales nagging about how they can offer me discounts if I stay, attempts to get unneccessary personal info like my mobile phone number so they can keep harassing me by other means, and eventually been fobbed off with excuses about system failures meaning they can't give me the migration activation code1 that I need. Eventually I gave notice on my broadband account without receiving the MAC, and now they claim they can't give me the MAC BECAUSE I have given notice on my account. Someone from @btcare seems to be trying to help, they phoned, without any sales pressure and said they could fix this and would email me the MAC. IT seemed a genuine offer but I'm still waiting.

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