Blog2004 ≫ Some new things

I don't often get sent things these days, maybe because I don't write proper reviews, but HEY! Here are some things, so here will be some attempt at newsing them up:

Phantom Planet release "Big Brat" on May 31st... it's from their new album Phantom Planet, which is out two weeks later. Fact: singer Alex Greenwald appeard in Donnie Darko. Anyway, this one tracker is quite snarly dude rock from the US of States. Their previous effort (featuring the theme tune to the 90210-tastic The OC)is available on import. Hmm, so on Amazon you can link to just "things" now, like a TV series that isn't even available? How do we earn money from that?

Phantom Planet are playing live next week, catch them at Liverpool Academy (May 24th), Barfly Glasgow (25th), Wolves Little Civic (26th), and London Metro on the 27th.

I also need to give another mention to Outstanding Records The BCN Connection by The Pinker Tones - it's an Austin-Powers-tastic shminky pinky euro-japonist set of loungey space pop. A bit like Dee-lite if you like.

Muse also sent their new single "Sing for Absolution" but it's sealed up again in a static proof bag, and I'm not strong enough to open it. There's a review on their page already.

Send me stuff, I will try to put it up her on the front page, were people will see it.

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